origiful videos and animations

Man Ray's "Tears" photograph Speed Painting

This was my first attempt at stop action drawing. You can check out Man Ray here.

MC Escher Eye

Speed Painting with a twist!


Running Time: 3 minutes 45 seconds

I originally made this clip for Ania et le Programmeur as a music video. In June, however, it was selected for the French film festival CinemaBrut and was shown alongside other independent animation movies (David Lynch was the only other Californian in the selection). It received a Jury mention. Check it out now!

PS: make your own escher videos using the "escher hand" (440kb - will take a second to load).



Office Strike Speed Paint


Toby, Michael Scott, and Pam. A speed painting supporting the writers guild strike with quotes.

Dwight Schrute

Running Time: 1 minute 43 seconds

The Office rules! Here's a speed painting of Dwight from The Office.

Bad Mother

Running Time: 2 minutes

Did you love Pulp Fiction? The check out the video!!!

Speed Painting of the Magritte Bag

Running Time: 3 minutes

This was the first video I did of one of my bags. It took an entire day to make, and in the end I'm pretty Happy with the finished product. Check out the sacks section to see other bags I've made.