Why it's hard to drink coffee in outer space, by @origiful & @artiste #science vine.co/v/bYibdp93xeZ

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) May 29, 2013

Let's grow BEARDS!!!! #howto with @briggles & @mattknox vine.co/v/b5wWeDZgPhX

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) January 24, 2013

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: the money was IN the standing banana... #chickendance by @origiful vine.co/v/bEqlxYOmQzI

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) May 15, 2013

Learn to break dance with Wiz Quail-lifa!!! #quail (by @origiful for @wizkhalifa) vine.co/v/bQmWtDExXrn

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) May 1, 2013

Robot Chicken at Twitter with @sethgreen @wizmatts @majikman89 @townertime #loop vine.co/v/bxzWU7DDvAx

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) April 26, 2013

And that's how you make a Vine :) #comedy vine.co/v/b5JL0ZjXPi6

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) February 6, 2013

He's single, ladies. (by @origiful, starring @briggles) vine.co/v/bxFbYhm7KaT

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) April 29, 2013