How to cut cards, by @origiful :D #vinemagic https://t.co/lsYygqCpp7

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) July 30, 2013

Old school Pong with my nephew & niece, by @origiful :) #analogvideogame https://t.co/Cr1qnKuNz2

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) July 16, 2013

Dancing in the streets, by @origiful with @artiste :) #enjoylife https://t.co/0eu0kBHk0G

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) June 28, 2013

Say it as fast as you can: Toy Boats Toy Boats Toy Boats Toy Boats Toy Boats Toy Boats! by @origiful :) #lo... https://t.co/deL6xi1xBU

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) June 29, 2013

"Hungry Hungry Hippos!" by @origiful (I used to love that game!!!) #fun https://t.co/w98Mia5FS0

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) July 1, 2013

Playing piano with @TTM_tweets at the @HardRock Calling festival, by @origiful :) These guys ROCK!! https://t.co/YChEszOLov

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) June 30, 2013

The elastic elephant, by @origiful :) #nature https://t.co/2abeAcrnzE

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) June 21, 2013

Only playing with my toy buses today, by @origiful #magic https://t.co/e2TZPnsi3K

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) June 19, 2013

Playing with my toy cars :) by @origiful #kidatheart vine.co/v/blrW6wMzEpa

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) June 12, 2013

Messing around with clay, by @origiful :) #loop #Monday vine.co/v/blBUmLjEEJr

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) June 10, 2013

How to film a reverse time lapse on Vine, by @origiful #magic vine.co/v/b3TOBm6Obx9

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) June 4, 2013

"The Entertainer" by @origiful #magic vine.co/v/bxxWrZe3gOZ

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) April 30, 2013

Since everyone loves squiddy bananas, here you go... #loop by @origiful vine.co/v/bQ7Wqu57FV7

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) May 1, 2013

"This kitchen ain't gonna clean itself!" by @origiful #science vine.co/v/bx9IeZauwgK

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) April 30, 2013

The Moving Image (for Muybridge, by @origiful). Hope you like it! vine.co/v/bFxg0dYuW1H

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) April 16, 2013

Your Friday Fortune Cookie ✨ #loop vine.co/v/bXH91t2gKql

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) March 1, 2013

Your Fortune Cookie for Friday: "Now is a good time to try something new." #loop #goodluck! vine.co/v/b6lrxn10a0Z

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) February 22, 2013

Oh my god my wife can fly. #magic vine.co/v/bIhYEzuHUQb

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) March 31, 2013

A little lunchtime dreaming. #loop #vineart vine.co/v/bJrwbPlYiZj

— Ian Padgham (@origiful) January 28, 2013