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Recent Work of Note

Valley of the Gods
My recent animation broke records for the Discovery Channel. With over 55 Million views, the video is the most-shared content in Discovery's history. A mix of 3D assets and footage I shot flying over France.

I was honored to be invited to launch Gucci's new "VAULT" - a creative space mixing Web3, NFTs, Metaverse, and Fashion. Here I made 3D scans of their iconic new packaging, playfully incorporated into real spaces.

Bordeaux Tramway
My video of a "Chateau de Cerons" bottle on the tramway lines of Bordeaux is supposedly one of the most viewed videos in the city's history. It was so popular that the government transport authority had to issue a statement informing people they couldn't ride it. The video continues to be featured on major news sites and design publications.

Mow-Rio Kart
I recently won a Drone Festival prize for this fun recreation of Mario Kart in my Backyard :)

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